March 20, 2000

The Fence My Father Built, by Linda S. Clare

The Fence My Father Built
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I LOVE this author! The poor mom in this story, Muri, is dealing with some serious junk--divorcing her cheating husband, handling a rebellious teen daughter, losing her job, finding herself homeless. Add to that the death of the father she'd just begun to search for and not seen since early childhood, and this gal's got major stress. She drives out to recently-deceased Dad's home to meet her aunt and uncle and try to connect with her heritage, and finds herself in the middle of a Hatfields-and-McCoys fight with their neighbor.

As Muri settles into small-town living, she gets to know her father through his journals and his family and friends, and she learns to trust the God he loved.  I love how her "new" extended family reaches out to her and helped walk her and her children through the tough times they were facing.  She learns to deal with stereotypes people hold, as well as ones she found within herself, sorting through perceptions to find the facts.

What appealed to me in this book is that it wasn't all serious, despite that there was plenty for our heroine to get depressed over. I found myself giggling and even laughing out loud on practically every page. The characters were real, the reading was light, and I got a kick out of it.

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  1. Hello,
    Thanks so much for reading my book! I'm humbled and happy that you liked it. My next novel, A Sky Without Stars, comes out in about a year.
    Keep Reading--writers like me couldn't do it without you. Blessings, Linda Clare


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