March 22, 2012

The Word is Just Freaky!

Yesterday, it seems we spent the day in the Word.  My friend Susan, who lives close enough again to walk to our house, came over for the Bible study we've been doing in the book of John.  Her husband hadn't gone in to work yet, so he piled in for some of our discussions while Camille and Caroline took turns cooing at their baby girl, Zoe.  We talked about the importance of baptism, and how freaky it must have been for John the Baptist to be studying the Old Testament writings, come across the passage in Isaiah 40, and FIND HIMSELF THERE!  Imagine!  How did it dawn on him that HE WAS that voice in the wilderness, announcing the Lord?  Kinda like if I pulled out some ancient text that talked about a 30-something mom of 2 moving to Paraguay and getting hit by a truck.  Just freaky.  

After this young family left and we ate lunch, it was time for our family devotional time, which happens to be on spiritual warfare.  Yesterday's chapter was "Embracing Truth," and we learned how the truth sets us free from the bondage of shame and secrecy.   How sharing our own struggles brings freedom to those who may be in the same boat.  How admitting our shortcomings and confessing them in community breaks the power of enemy and opens us up for healing.  We all have these situations where we would rather wallow where we are than go to the trouble to "get it out there." But God's upside-down kingdom teaches that if we want that great feeling of release and light airiness (you know that feeling?) that comes with real freedom, we have to sometimes jump into the "uncomfortableness" of sharing and confession and admission of guilt.  How does that work?  Just freaky.

A few hours later, a small group came together in our living room--they're really "The Porch Group," but it was raining--for a time of sharing and learning.  We sang songs, insights from our personal devotions, asked questions, prayed.  Each person contributed something to our gathering, and out of nowhere, I think I felt a bit like John the Baptist.  No, I didn't wanna run out into the wilderness or get beheaded or anything, but I saw myself in the Word of God.  It was written a whole lot of years ago, but I realized that all those scriptures about sharing, about fellowship, about freedom, about those of us who need it--they were written just for me!  How is it that after thousands of years, the human condition hasn't changed THAT MUCH, and what applied to them then still applies to me now?  How is it that God was able to write this book that is absolutely timeless and applies to every person who ever lived or will live?  Just freaky.

But don't worry, I won't be cooking up locusts and wild honey tonight.

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