April 2, 2012

Win Some Coffee Goods, Then Move Here

I've got a couple of cool links to share with you today.  First of all, my hubby is celebrating his one-year anniversary as a blogger.  He started a personal blog last year just after his open-heart surgery, took a bit of a pause when I broke my femur, and then started back in full force.  WARNING:  His blog is not all butterflies and hammocks and puppies.  It's an honest journal of struggles and victories, with a smattering of "what life is like here" thrown in for good measure.  If you know my man, you know he's a bit of a clown, and his humor tends toward the sarcastic/satirical/ironic side.  He often takes a step back, looks at who we are, and then makes a little fun.  Call it therapy.  If you're feeling brave enough to venture into his world, hop over there (Get it?  HOP!  It's almost Easter... see my humor coming out, too?) and get in the race for the awesome giveaway. Tell him his corny wife sent you.  ;)

Moving along.......

Every now and then, I get visits from folks who have caught on to how wonderful it is to live in paradise.  They bop around my site a bit to get ideas about what it's like.  Well, I try to give the straight scoop, but I'm not sure everyone who moves here has to go through the ringer like we have.  At least, I hope not.  So where can you find good information about moving to South America?  Check out this blog I've found, who happens to be featuring my chipa story this week.  I'm sure you'll find lots of helpful stuff there.  And we bloggers love to get comments, so leave her some love and, again, tell her I sent you.  :)

I've been online a little more than I care to lately, as we've finished out the school year and are ready to move on to the next one.  Correction:  CAMILLE is ready to move on to the next one.  My elder daughter wants to graduate ASAP, so going into the 10th grade is going to happen without the fanfare of a "summer" break, which would technically be taking place in the autumn of Paraguay, the spring of the U.S., so maybe it wouldn't count anyway.  Why does that put me online?  Well, we had planned to furlough this year, so I only brought enough homeschooling material to get us to this year.  We changed to Switched-on-Schoolhouse (SOOOO much easier for me!) and I wanted to be sure it worked for us before buying any more.  And here we are in 2012, we're not going on furlough, and the girls finished early and want to start now.  What's a mom to do?  Well, considering that no one's selling used curriculum right now because most people still have a couple months left, she digs around and finds free downloadable classes online.  Camille is going to take a psychology elective and her Bible course from a couple of colleges, and I found a couple of free science and math textbooks online, too.  Gonna figure out the rest.  It'll be more work, but this is what happens when the mom doesn't plan well.  Ugh.  I'm giving homeschoolers everywhere a bad name.

So, have you found anything good in your surfing lately?


  1. Way to go, girls! Proud of you and your school work (Caroline, still a bit hurt you 'dislike' Math...lol!). Miss you and think about you often. Everyday at school I get to look on the wall beside my desk and see you girls. Love it! {{huggs}} for everyone! :)

  2. Hey Christie, have you ever checked out Khan Academy? I saw it on 60 minutes a few weeks ago. They say its a "world class education for everyone" 10 minute lessons on almost everything. Have your girls try it out...we're introducing it to Jacob and Abigail.

  3. Randy, we LOVE Khan. We bopped around on there last year, but this year both girls are "enrolled" and it'll be a major portion of Camille's math work, and some big help in biology, it seems. YAY! I do love free stuff.

  4. Ms. Cooper, Caroline is going to like math much more this year. :) I think it was that Saxon curriculum that turned her off--LOTS of problems with each lesson. We'll see how it goes this time around.

  5. I'm so glad I can finally hear yours and Ken's voices when I read your blogs. Phew! Though it's a little strange seeing Long-Haired Christie in your Blogger userpic since I've only ever known Short-Haired Christie. ;D

    Keep on rockin' with school, C, C, and C. That is so cool that you guys can just zip right on through like that. :)


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