May 24, 2012

Happy Little Text Messages

Okay, you may be wondering why you're getting a post for May and we're already well into June. Well, Blogger is great about letting me post-date and pre-date stuff, which I take full advantage of when needed. I've been going through a bit of "computer fasting," you could call it, spending minimal time online and focusing on other things. But I want to go back and fill in the blanks a bit on the blog, if for no other reason than the fact that one day I plan to look back on this as my personal diary. If I don't write down the important things quickly, they just get shoved out of my brain by random facts and names and homeschool lessons. So just pretend that it really is still May, and bear with me if your inbox gets filled with posts that aren't exactly "current."

"...Jack fell down and broke his crown, and Jill came tumbling after." I was pretty old before I realized they were talking about Jack's head, but I've been singing this little ditty all week because I bit a potato chip a few days ago and ANOTHER crown broke, this time in the bottom. Ugh.

I made an appointment but woke up to pouring rain--no way I can maneuver well enough with this cane to handle the buses and the walking in order to get there. Man, was I missing the car! About that time, I got Happy Little Text Message #1 from the mechanic that says the car will be ready that afternoon.

Now, you're imagining me dancing a jig and yodeling and such, I'm sure. But I've learned not to put any faith in the promises of professionals here until I've got the money in hand/car in the driveway/washing machine on the back porch/well, you get it. So no jigs quite yet. Sure enough, though, when Ken hopped the bus into town, the car was "almost" ready, and he was willing to wait for the finished product. "Just give me the car back already, and I'll take it from here."

The next day, we ran around having some of the repairs done that the insurance company never got around to approving and we got tired of arguing with them about. I can't tell you how it felt to be in a vehicle again!!! We were told by so many people that the insurance companies and bus lines delay the repairs so much in order to discourage people from making claims... I'm betting it works.

So here we were bopping around in our own little car again, when I got Happy Little Text Message #2: good news about another little mess, this time, the case surrounding my accident. Not ground-shaking good news, but at least news that something was happening and we weren't as bogged in red tape as before. Wow! Two pieces of good news within 24 hours! I was really flying high when...

Not too many minutes later, Happy Little Text Message #3 caused my faithful phone to bleep. "Elias gets to come home from the hospital!" How sad I was that we weren't closer to home so we could put some balloons out and wave a little banner when he arrived, but we were still very, very excited that the doctors declared him healed enough to leave the hospital and recover from his burns at home.

These are all things we have been asking for your prayers on, and I just want you to know that God hears and responds. So many times I say, "I just wish God would send me an email and tell me exactly what He wants me to do." I've never gotten one of those, but I did feel like He was getting into those text messages this week. :)


  1. Woohoo!! Good news all around! Glad to hear it lady. :D

  2. That is wonderful news! May God put his iron-sculptured hedge of protection around that little car of yours!


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