August 4, 2012

Che Róga Children's Home

In packing, moving, and unpacking, we found that Caroline has outgrown a lot of her clothes.  I mean A LOT of her clothes.  She really hit a growth spurt this past year or so.  In fact, she's now taller than Camille and almost my height.  So, yeah, she found that most of her pants are now high-waters, and most of her shirts look like something you'd find on a Bratz doll.  We don't do belly buttons, so time for donating clothes!    A perfect opportunity to get to know another ministry in Encarnación.

After just a bit of internet searching, we found a Christian home for children nearby.  Che Róga (Guarani for My House) houses around 70 boys and girls, from preschoolers to teens.  We called and set up a time to pay them a visit this past week.  

As we arrived, we met the tiny little abuela, mother of the director of Che Róga.  Abuela is a Uruguayan, in town to celebrate her 80th birthday with her nearly 100 "grandchildren."  A few kids were waiting with her to give us a tour, along with two of the ladies who work there.  We came armed with a bag of lollipops, instant smile makers and ice breakers.

Ken is playing the "Can You Remember All
Our Names?" game
We met little cuties who live in different duplexes on the grounds (about 10 per duplex), saw the garden area, checked out the kitchen, and saw where the pastor and his family live.  The children are separated into older boys, younger boys, older girls, and younger girls.  They were all friendly but a bit shy, until we got to the younger boys' duplex.  

Camille handed a lollipop to each of these little guys as they came out the door, and this one cutie pie who was probably around 5, ran straight to Ken and put his arms around his waist, burying his head in Ken's stomach.  Ken bent down to talk to him, and it was all over.  A swarm of boys, all ages 3-7 or so, were on Ken like he was a playground toy.  They wanted to touch his hair, they wanted to play with his goatee, they wanted to hug him.  It was precious. 

As we explained to the ladies why we're in Paraguay, they invited us to come back and share with these precious children.  Can't wait to see them again!

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  1. So great! I'm glad there's someplace like this so nearby. :D


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