September 14, 2012

Movie Night

What better way to get a group of young people together than a movie projected on the wall and salty bowls of popcorn!  We've found this to be an effective way to build relationships, since movies are low-pressure ways to hang out.  

We took advantage of the nice weather and invited over some new friends we've made and a few from the neighborhood that we'd like to get to know.  About 15 teens gathered in our backyard after the sun went down, and we played games and hung out a bit before starting up the show.

I worried a bit about showing it outside because some folks go to bed at sundown.  Different scenes got pretty loud, with barking dogs and screaming characters.  Then it hit me that on any given Thursday afternoon, loud music starts up that will continue until Sunday night, complete with "un-nice" lyrics and neighborhood dogs howling along, all night long.  So I felt less guilty about the volume of our outdoor movie.

We had a great time getting to know these kids a bit more and hosting them in our home.  Caroline even mixed up a homemade batch of brownies to initiate them to our exclusive ministry tool.  ;)  Every time this week I've seen folks who were there, they show me where they were attacked by the mosquitoes, and I show them my own collection of bites.  Bonding.  

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