October 16, 2012

Highlights from the Last Few Days

Some snippets of life on our end:

I was sharing about the last section of the 6th chapter of Matthew at the juvenile prison.  You know the spot that explains how well God takes care of the wildflowers, those weeds that bloom and get picked just to be thrown in the fire pile.  And if He'll take such good care of those, how much better will He care for us, His children?  In the middle of that, I was explaining with all the words I could come up with, the difference between a wildflower and a cultivated rosebush, to make the point that these flowers are "the least of the least" but God makes them beautiful and takes care of their needs.  In the middle of my lengthy discourse, one of the guys jumped up and ran to the fence, where he picked a few tiny wildflowers to help me illustrate.  He handed them to me with a bow, and I accepted them like a lady, declaring him a gentleman.  We got a lot of giggles and our knightly flower-picker blushed through his smile.


Ken and I walked down to the almacen (tiny country store with a few groceries) at the end of the block about midnight one night, and a couple of men were standing outside.  They greeted us and offered us a seat, so we stuck around to chat a bit.  These were a couple of 40-something fellas, one of which had spent about 10 years working in the northeastern US, so he wanted to swap stories.

It's always interesting to hear how people who've lived outside of Paraguay feel about other countries, and the things they notice about their own when they return.  A couple of nights later, one of them showed up on our front porch for terere, and then took us on a walking tour of the neighborhood.  We learned a lot of history and some interesting current events, and then ended at the other guy's house, where he'd prepared us sandwiches and homemade pizza.  

Friday night, we invited a few kids from the girls' youth cell group, for pizza and hanging out.  We planned to watch a movie, but skip-bo took over and everyone was having so much fun talking, no one wanted to watch it after all.  It's amazing what things you learn when you put food on the table and just listen.  :)

The next day, one of the mothers from the group came by with this plate of homemade goodies, to thank us for spending time with her son.  I do love how these folks always want to share!  (**Note: By the time I took the photo, some of the yummies had gone "missing".)

Saturday night, we dropped our girls and a couple extras off at youth service and went to the beach, where about a trillion people were hanging out.  We sat with the skater kids and shared a Coke, and learned that they are passing around a signature sheet to ask the city to build a skate park.  They'd filled it already, so they asked us to return tomorrow and sign the fresh one they're going to print.

We picked up the girls and went with a group of teens to eat dinner.  It always amazes me that folks are out STARTING dinner (entering the restaurant or cranking up the grill) at midnight.  By the time we ate, got the 5 girls who came back for the pajama party settled in and went to bed ourselves, it was 3 AM.  Lo and behold, at 5 AM we heard a band crank up.  Half a block from us is a big gym, which was rented out by the Catholic group, De Colores.  They're having their national convention there today, and I can't fathom why they started so early, but the band and the welcome speeches were at such volume that I thought the microphone and speaker must have been in our bedroom.  As I type this, they're still full swing.  Oh, well, at least the lyrics are clean, versus what we USUALLY hear at full volume on the weekend.  :)

Anything interesting going on in your world lately?


  1. Isn't it great that people would rather play games than watch a movie? I love that. I always try to get some games going around here, but it seems I'm the only one that enjoys it.
    Looks like you guys are liking living in the new area. I'm happy for you!

  2. Nothing quite that interesting! What a change of pace from where you just moved from. Wow! So glad you guys are finding- and receiving- so many opportunities to interact with your community in such a positive way. This is so cool to read about!! :D

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  4. Hi! It's good to get back into reading your blog after missing several posts. Glad to hear that all is going well--you folks are having as many blessings as you are giving. I think you found the right place to move to. We're keeping you and your work and people in our prayers! Blessings!


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