January 25, 2013

Not Measuring Up

Today, I'm writing at Missionary Mom's Companion about what it's like to feel like you don't fit in.  Should we just put on our big-girl panties (or your big-boy briefs) and choke down those thoughts, maybe watch a few self-help videos and recite the "I'm good enough" mantra, or is there something useful in that feeling?  Well, you'll have to click over to see what I think about it.

Here's a clue:

"Truth is, I've never had to live off the land, so I don't rise when the sun does, nor do I sleep when it goes down.  In fact, my body rebels against this heat so badly that I reserve most of my manual labor until the sun is long gone.  And homeschooling two high schoolers doesn't leave much time for daily floor scrubbing, which, considering our dog, would have to be done several times a day to keep a Paraguayan-style shine.  Nor do I have much skill in whipping up a totally-from-scratch meal several times per day.
So I can either let this drive me crazy, exhaust me from trying to "do it all," or go for option 3..."


  1. Hey there my Paraguay sister! Thisis Helen in Calif. I so enjoyed your blog I read today about Measuring Up! Isn't it amazing how we all have have that "measuring up" thing! And 9 times out of 10, it's just us! If I were creative I would post a picture of a yardstick, that says "the only yardstick we need is the Truth of God'sWord!" Always good to see you. A friend has helped me to start my own blog! I am certainly battling those feelings of not feeling adequate for the job!

    1. Your own blog? That's great, Helen! Can't wait to read what you've got to say. You're right about that yardstick, by the way. Now, to REMEMBER that when the enemy is showing me his yardstick--that's the trick!


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