January 21, 2013

Who's Got Dengue Fever?

Caroline should be giving up some of her blood today.  The doctors should be sending the results of the test to the health department so that there is an accurate count of how many people are getting dengue.  I told you a few days ago about the gals inspecting all the homes and yards of our neighborhood because dengue fever, transmitted by a mosquito biting an infected person then biting you, is making the rounds.

photo by www.michigan.gov
This is no ordinary fever.  Dengue is also known as breakbone fever, named for the intense pain it causes.  I've been told by adults here that they prayed to die, so bad was the pain.  Signs all over the place encourage people to get rid of standing water in flower pots, buckets, or any other mosquito-breeding standing water.  They also list the symptoms.  

So when my baby girl came to me Friday evening saying she had pain behind her eyes and a general headache, then spiked a fever of 104.3 within a half an hour, we started praying.  When she complained of aches in her joints and nausea and got a pink rash on her face and neck, we loaded up for the ER.

The doctor there gave her more fever medicine and explained that there's no real treatment for dengue, just fever and pain management.  Oh, yeah, and quarantine.  Did I mention we were expecting a family of four the next day, driving from 5 hours away to spend the weekend with us?  And a couple other families who were coming in for a missionary dinner?  I starting sending out texts right away....

The doctor asked us to return today for a blood test if she was still febrile, because they must report all cases to the health department.  We left the hospital praying, hit a few prayer warriors up with an email, and hooked Caroline up with some ice water to sip on.

And within a few minutes, her fever broke.

A few minutes later, she said she didn't feel any more pain.

Well, I have no problem believing in miracles, but I still slept with her that night, waking up every few minutes to feel her forehead.  Cool as a cucumber.  The next day?  More of the same.  No aches, no pain, no fever.  A bit tired, but nothing like that week of pain and high fevers we'd been promised.  Yay, God!

I don't pretend to know why He heals sometimes and He doesn't at others.  I don't understand why we walk through some trials and not others.  Why she'd start this thing then take a healing right in the middle of it.

If there's anything I've learned in these years in Paraguay, it's that God isn't who I thought He was, and I can't begin to understand Him.  As much as I try to, I can't order Him around, either.  After all, He's not a tame lion.  But He is good.


  1. I was wondering if you were in any danger from getting it. Dengue fever makes the stuff we have had to deal with seem pretty pale in comparison, though no fever is ever very pleasant. Please Lord, keep the rest of the family and their visitors free from Dengue fever! God bless, Kris

    1. Thanks for the prayers. They work!! :)

  2. We thank God for Caroline's healing. I believe that whenever He does a miracle it is not just for us. It is meant to build up the faith of other believers and show unbelievers what a good, mighty and powerful God we serve. Just your obedience in sharing the miracle has already touched someone.

    I hope we can connect personally sometime soon. Blessings to you guys!

  3. sometimes the healing process could explained.
    i recommend you to go doctor even there's no return symptoms of dengue

    My Health Blog

  4. Dengue is a highly feared infectious disease. Most often than not though, Dengue has a self limited course. But you need to keep a check on your platelet count, your liver functions, and your fever.


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