February 22, 2013

Challenges for MK Teens

The MK teens we know best!

Being a parent of third-culture kids—missionary kids in particular—is a challenge at any stage.  Being the mom of teen MK’s comes with its own special fun.

The changes that occur during adolescence can be quite unsettling.   You remember those days, right?  Insecurity, trying to fit in, wondering who you are, dealing with peer pressure.  Hours in front of the mirror, indecision about what you'll wear, drama in all your social circles.

These problems are exponentially increased living in a culture where your teen is obviously "not from around here," and where cultural differences can make even simple stuff seem complicated.

I shared my insights today on how parents might make this time of transition a bit smoother for missionary teens, over at Missionary Mom's Companion.  Click on over and join the conversation if you'd like.  See you there!

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  1. i'm clicking over there right now. your girls are beautiful!


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