May 13, 2013

Help a Sista' Out!

If this shows up in your email box, it's because at some point, you have subscribed to my blog (THANK YOU!!!)  Problem is, the folks who handle subscriptions apparently went out of business or closed shop for some-odd reason, and failed to let us users know about it.  I would like to switch over to a more reliable delivery service, but this out-of-business company no longer keeps the record of all the folks who are have subscribes, meaning I have no idea who you are!

If you would be so kind as to reply to this email, I will know that you are one of my subscribers, and I can take the steps to be sure you continue to get up-to-the-minute posts as they roll off my brain.  Well, shortly thereafter anyway.

So, be a pal and hit reply please.  It's not even necessary that you type out a message, although I'd love to hear from you should you feel so inclined.

And if you are reading this because you typed in our web address (www.hagermans.blogspot) rather than because it just showed up in your email, just ignore this post.  Well, unless you'd LIKE to start getting it in your email box.  In that case, leave me a comment below.


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