May 17, 2013

One Last Test

To all those who let me know they receive our posts via email, thank you.  I was humbled and surprised and just about giddy over the fact that you are keeping up with us.  All out giddy.

Sorry about this, but you'll get this post twice because I'm closing out the old feed and starting the new one.  You're among the privileged few who can compare the old google feedburner way with the new, improved, cutesy mailchimp list.

Meaning, ignore this if you already replied to let me know you're getting it.

If you haven't yet replied but want to continue to get our emails, just reply to this one or go to our webpage ( and subscribe there.  :)  THANKS!

PS--After this, you shouldn't receive any more doubles.  Excuse the interruption in normal posting topics while we worked the kinks out.

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