May 20, 2014

Have Papers, Will Paint!

It was a big day when Ken signed the paper that finalized the papers declaring the Bridge an official entity with the local government, and it meant that we could finally begin to work on the building we rented a few weeks ago.  

 We started with paint, my favorite way to remodel.  Well, I shouldn't say "we" because I'm mostly the supervisor at this point, but either way, the walls began to change colors!

There are only a few swipes of the paintbrush left on this phase of the project, then we'll start in on the electrical wiring and constructing and purchasing furniture.  Again, I use the word "we" loosely.  

As we work on the building, excitement is growing and people around town keep asking when we'll open. We sure hope it'll be soon, because the weather is absolutely beautiful now, perfect for sitting outside on the sidewalk and opening wide those big garage doors, to welcome new Bridge patrons. Won't be long now!
These t-shirts were sold by a church as a fundraiser for the Bridge.
My mom ordered one for each of us, and we can't WAIT to wear them here!

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  1. It's AMAZING what some cool colors can do to a space! It looks GREAT!


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