June 17, 2008


It feels a bit like playing the stock market. I don't LIKE playing the stock market. I've never been one to "hold out" for a better price unless I knew for sure one was coming (like all those winter clothes that go on sale after Christmas, or flip-flops going 75% off after Labor Day).

But here I am trying to secure airline tickets for five of us, nervously watching the prices rise and fall. We've pretty much gotten our dates narrowed down now (first week of November), and I've read all the pointers about how to get the best deals. Fly on Thursdays, make your dates flexible, be open to layovers, etc.

And I was pleased as punch to find out that there are actually travel agencies out there (online, no less) who specialize in missionary airfares. I haven't seen any major differences in price yet, but who knows? For now, I keep stalking the websites and checking the going-rates like a mother hen brooding over her chicks. (No small feat for those of us on dial-up internet, mind you!)

So if you have any tips for securing the best deal, feel free to comment. Don't bother to tell me that I should layover for 24-hours, however! :)

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  1. Hey there
    Try Raptim Travel. Their office is located here on the Mercy Ships base in Texas. The number is 1 800 750 1224 Leanna is at ext 5262 and Renee is ext 6911. I know the pain of it all!!:) Hope they can help.
    God Bless
    Nari Palmer


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