June 20, 2008

Have Tickets, Will Travel!

Phwew! I finally get to exhale! I took the plunge and bought our plane tickets, so it's a done deal now... we're really going. We'll leave Charlotte on November 6 and arrive the next day in Asuncion, Paraguay, after brief stops in Miami and Brazil.

Camille and Caroline are so excited at the thought of FLYING! Unfortunately (or maybe it's a good thing), our longest flight will be overnight. The views they'll see will be of Georgia and Florida, and then the sun will be up when we fly over Brazil into Paraguay.

I broke the cardinal rule I've been reading on travel websites everywhere, and bought ONE WAY tickets. Then Dan Miller basically gave me a heart attack by mentioning, quite casually, that there was a possibility that we wouldn't receive Visas granting us entry into the country if we didn't have a return flight booked. Well, after my brief coronary infarction, it turns out that rule is for Canadians. Phwew again! Well, we're this much closer to being there!!!

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