July 23, 2008

I'm in the States now!!!

Originally, I titled this post "I'm home now!" but had a hard time with that. I'm back in my own house with my family (whom I missed terribly!!), but it's hard to feel at home. Every time I travel to Peru, I feel like a piece of me remains, and I'm wondering now if more pieces are there than here. I wake up in the night trying to figure out where I am and have to talk myself into remembering that I live here in Greenville and am in my own bed now. Ken says I toss and turn and speak in Spanish throughout the night. He's gotten to be a pro now at saying, "Lie back down, you're in Greenville." It sounds funny, but at 2 AM, it's quite disconcerting.

I am trying to work my way back into normal life, but it takes some adjusting, I guess. When I'm there, every part of my day is focused on reaching out to the people with God's love, either evangelically to the unchurched or encouragingly to our brothers and sisters. The schedule is jam-packed tight (sometimes too tight, as evidenced by our near-misses in travel plans) with things planned for maximum impact. And while I know that everything we do in "normal" life is also for the glory of God, it's hard to transition back into what we all consider normal.

I guess more than anything, this trip has caused me to look forward even more to the day when my whole family is ministering together full-time in South America. Part of the frustration with any trip is trying to remember all the details so I can come home and explain to Ken and the girls what happened. And, as you know, it's impossible to convey the atmosphere and spiritual environment through just telling them a story or showing pictures. So Paraguay, HERE WE COME!

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