July 19, 2008

The Last Day of a LONG Wait.

Well folks tomorrow morning Christie lands in Atlanta. She returns after an 18 day adventure in Peru. As you can see God is truly moving in Peru among HIS people. Now for the ones of us at home-YaY!

The one pitfall to these short-term mission trips is that we have had to go seperately. Soon however that will be a thing of the past. I am truly excited at the prospect of ministering together in the mission field the way we have here in the U.S. When we enter into the marriage vow with Him God takes two individuals and fuses them together to create a new being. It would have been just as traumatic for me if I had sent a Lung or an Arm to Peru and much more tramatic for the Peruvians.haha Thank you for your continued prayer for us in our efforts to follow His call. Christie has benefited from your blessings and our family has as well. Now we are looking forward to our departure in November. We will leave for Paraguay on November 6th. Until then we are scheduling groups to do presentations for and "liquidating" our belongings. All to HIM.

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