July 8, 2008


Thank you God that the van we rode through the sandy mountains never encountered oncoming traffic as the driver passed on sharp curves, except that one time. Thank you God that the one time, our driver was able to get back over into our proper lane RIGHT before the 18-wheeler hit us head-on.

Thank you God that I got to smell the sugar cane being cooked as we drove through the Lareta region near Trujillo, and think about when my Granddad used to cook it over an open flame until it was syrup.

Thank you God that people were saved and healed in our service tonight at the little church on the beautiful mountain in Poroto. Thank you God that the people from the town heard there were gringos and stood outside the church doors peeking in, even if they were videoing us constantly on their cell phones.

Thank you God for the hospitable ladies of the church who took us on a tour of their fruit groves, picked pineapples and oranges, sugar cane and lemon-oranges for us, and cut them open for us to eat immediately.

Thank you God that the lady of the home was so proud of her house that she invited us inside to see her kitchen, with the little guinea pigs running around all over the floor. Thank you God that the one I petted was not the same one that I ate tonight after church. (And especially, thank you God for that dog that hung out under the table at my feet all night.....)


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