July 10, 2008


Today was a very busy day. We started early and ran all day. First stop was the ladies´ prison in Trujillo, with 12 ladies getting saved and many of them taking our free Bibles. We left there and had lunch at the beach called Huanchaco. It was very beautiful, and I even got to sit on the horse of a real-live Peruvian cowboy!

We walked several blocks (Peruvian blocks!!) to a cathedral on a big hill overlooking the town and with a great view of the ocean. I got in a little trouble for touching a book that was on the table just inside the entrance. No one was in the building but us, and the book was just lying there, begging me to open it and look inside. It was full of small paragraphs with dates beside them, but before I was able to read any of it, a lady reprimanded me for touching it and shooed me away from the little table. I told her I thought it was a guestbook. Good thing I didn´t sign my name! Turns out it was the book wherein they record baptisms. Oops. They were happy to see us leave.

From there, we went to the mission church of Los Lomos. The people were very receptive and made us these cute little cards with a poem inside. We left there as soon as service was over and arrived late to services at the Santa Dominguita church in town. We found out when we got there that we were to testify, sing, and preach. We thought we were just dropping in announced, but someone (no names, please) let the cat out of the bag. Martin was really in trouble.

Tomorrow we visit another church in the morning, and then a few of us take the bus for 6 hours to Piura to begin preparation for youth camp. Prayers are appreciated!


  1. Christie, I'm so glad you keep a diary of events! I feel like I'm there:) Please give my love to Martin. I loved trujillo the most. How are Ray and Amy doing? I pray God's favor and protection over you and the rest of the group. We love you.....see you soon!~Loida

  2. WOW! From your ealier post, it sounds like you had a heck of a time actually getting there, but this blogs shows how worth it is is!!!


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