July 28, 2008

Update on Paraguay's Storm

A major storm hit the country of Paraguay this past week, leaving a whole lot of damage in areas. The campground was hit pretty hard. 27 girls were sleeping in one of the girls' dorms when the roof was blown off. None were injured, thank God, but the roof landed about 45 feet away on top of another dorm building. Both cabins are totally destroyed, with the exception of the metal that can be salvaged from one of the roofs.

Here is a direct quote from Dan on the upside of the storm:

"First, it was one of the most powerful storms to date at the camp property and all of the camp could have been destroyed, but only these two buildings are damaged. We thank God for His blessings.

Second, the children’s home on the property was totally protected as well. We thank God again for His blessings.

Thirdly, the camp was rented at the time and there were 27 girls inside the girl’s cabin that suffered the most damage. They saw the roof begin to bow and all ran to the other side seconds before the wall blew out and collapse onto several of the beds. Not one of them were in their beds at the time. Other than being scared, none of them were hurt.

Praise God for an incredible miracle.

We have already dismantled the roof and cleaned up all that can be salvaged. We will begin on Monday to knock the walls down and prepare to rebuild again. We are also thankful this is the off season and we have the time to rebuild if we can find the resources. We do need help.

Please join us in prayer. Dan"

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