August 13, 2008

Meet the Millers

Tonight we met part of the family we'll be working with in Paraguay, Dan and Gwen Miller. We had a great time getting to know them and I was relieved to find out they're just regular old folks like us--silly, God-loving, regular folks. I'm sure we'll be having a great time together in the future. (Ken spent time with them earlier this year, but it was the first time for me and the girls.)

Their sons Kyle (17) and Daniel (21?) stayed in Canada. Knowing that the Millers are used to BOYS and we're coming in as an estrogen-heavy bunch, we hope they know what they're in for! I doubt Gwen has had to sit still for the boys to braid her hair put it all up in clippies and paint her toes and ... well, you know. (Daniel, you didn't paint your mom's toes, did you?)

They told us about all the girls at the children's home, though, and mine were quite excited to hear that those gals in Paraguay are eagerly awaiting Camille and Caroline's arrival. I think the count is 11 girls, 8 guys, so we'll tip the scale even farther in the feminine direction.

The more we learn, the "readier" we are to jump on that plane!!!

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  1. I am so glad you did not use the word 'Normal' to describe Dan and Gwen!!hahaha You will enjoy them both--Gwen mostly but you gotta love Dan too. By the way I have known these two for 28 years.


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