August 14, 2008

Mission Encounter 2008

Today was the Mission Encounter, with booths/tables set up in a large room, one for each country represented at the Assembly. That meant a LOT of booths. I was privileged to get to work as the translator for the National Overseer of Peru, Bishop Rafael Alvino Vargas. The South American tables were all situated in the same area, which meant I also got to meet the Paraguayan overseer and the Chilean overseer, and their family members in attendance.

Bishop Alvino brought a traditional dress from the jungle area, complete with a feathered headdress and the tribal necklaces. Of course, I wore this proudly, and ONCE I was mistaken for a native Peruana. These clothes came from Iquitos, one of my favorite places on Earth! It was really cool until I realized kids wanted to take pictures with me (I'm not really fond of pictures, unless I'm BEHIND the camera!) I had brought my scrapbook from the 2006 trip and reminisced about the places we visited as I answered questions about Peru's people, churches, food, etc. It was quite a joy to get to know Bishop Alvino and remember how much I love Peru (like I needed a reminder!)

Camille and Caroline enjoyed going to each of the tables and speaking with the representatives, learning a lot about the churches in other countries around the world. Caroline spent a lot of time talking with the Bishop from Barbados (Bro. Edward) and was actually asked to "man" a couple booths while the participants ran to grab a meal.

We were all able to talk to people about our vision for the missionary training school in Paraguay. We handed out cards to lots of young people and pastors, with hopes that they'll remember us if they, or someone they know, decides they want to pursue a mission call.

What a great day!

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  1. This so awesome! I can imagine the excitement running thru your household right now!


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