September 24, 2008

A Day in the Life

Hit list for today...
1. Get Caroline back to the orthodontist first thing to replace the little piece of metal she swallowed with her dinner last night
2. Get Camille's "spare pair" of glasses
3. The usual list of Wal-Mart things
4. Take ID photo to send in with Paraguayan Entry Visa application
5. Print off, fill in, copy, and mail Visa apps for each of us + mom and dad
6. Send Verizon a nice letter reminding them that they said they wouldn't charge us a disconnect fee if we'd send them the nice letter (thanks, Verizon!)
7. Put in a day's worth of homeschooling
8. Continue transferring the family videos onto DVD's
9. Let the bank, etc. know that we'll be paperless now, so they'll send our statements via email
10. Blog (well, one down!)
11. Run by the post office to drop off a package of some homeschooling material I sold online (YAY!!!!)
12. Get to church on time.
13. Transfer some songs and ebooks over to my new (birthday present) MP3 player--thanks Ken!
14. Eat. Gotta remember to do that today.

(That's all... don't click below.)


  1. Oh wow! How much were you able to get done??

  2. Well, Caroline needed a second visit to the orthodontist, when the same piece of metal came out at lunch. So not all, but MOST! Visa applications will be Fed Ex'd tomorrow. Alas. One less day to get the Big List finished.

  3. We got our Visa paperwork done in record time, PTL. We did have an issue with he homeschooling of our daughter as they required us to show her school registration. Thankfully, we were able to get a school here to 'supervise' her in order to help us. Today we go to get her last signature!


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