September 21, 2008

Ken's 20th Reunion

This weekend was -- yes, you read correctly -- Ken's TWENTIETH high school reunion. What a blast! It was a wonderful time of reconnecting with old friends, making new ones, and getting to share what's going on in our lives.

We tailgated Friday night before the local football game and had a special seating area in the stands. Some people Ken didn't recognize until hearing their names, and he said some looked just the same. Everyone seemed to have a great time talking and
hanging out. TR lost the game (I hear that's nothing new...), but most didn't watch it so closely that it mattered anyway. Afterward, we joined some of Ken's old pals to grab a snack, and got to talk more in-depth. How great it was to see God's hand in their lives! I didn't really know these folks, but it was obvious why Ken had been friends with them years ago, even when they were all, undoubtably, very different.

Saturday night was the reunion dinner at the country club. The lights were a little dim, but everyone had nametags, at least, so it was a little easier to pick out who's-who. Some we hadn't seen since the 10-year reunion. Some didn't live to the 20th. Ken won a door prize and got to take his turn at the microphone, so he threw in a quick plug for our upcoming move. A few of his classmates turned to me and said they actually have a team going to Paraguay from their church the first of next year. Imagine that! Such a small world.

We were both thankful that the reunion took place before we moved, so that Ken had the opportunity to see everyone and tell of our exciting news. Kudos to the reunion committee who did a great job of organizing it all! We had a great time. :)

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  1. Hey! So do you remember who the classmates were who have a team going to Paraguay the first of next year?


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