September 18, 2008

My Birthday!!

Today is my 36th birthday (yes, I did say THIRTY-SIX, thank you!)

Ken didn't have to work today and the girls took the day off school, since their teacher wanted the day off. (Convenient!)

Dan and Gwen Miller are staying with us for a short few days, so we went out for some lunch at one of my favorite places. Dan wanted to help Gwen enjoy the Japanese Steakhouse, even though it looks like he's trying to stab her in the neck with a fork. Doesn't help that he has that "crazy Canadian" look on his face!!

I am thrilled to have been blessed with 36 years and can't wait for God has in store this next year!!

Tiff has posted some of our family photos on her blog, too. Hurry over if you wanna see them, because she updates often and they'll be gone soon, I'm sure! Thanks again, Tiffiney!! You're such a pro.

Caroline took some time to fix Dan's hair. He was a good salon client for her, which thrilled her to death. He was also a good kickboxing target, and a good wrestling partner, and a good couch pillow, and.... well, Caroline liked Mr. Dan. :)


  1. I so hate I missed your birthday! Happy Belated though! Your pictures are absolutely beautiful!!! The black & white of you & Ken is the SWEETEST! TTYS! Love, Sara

  2. I cannot believe I am going to let you leave these photos of me on your blog without filing that megamillion dollar law suit for slander or misrepresentation, but......I have always said that what you see is what you get. Enjoy. See you soon and talk to you sooner.



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