September 13, 2008

Looks Like We're Really Leaving!!

Funny how we view progress. I see it as getting things marked off the to-do list, especially if it means the house is getting more empty. This move seems more real to me the more space we have in the living room, for example. Now that my beloved bicycle is gone, there's a big space (well, there WAS--I quickly filled it with boxes of pictures to go to storage) in the living room. And today, two nice gentlemen came and loaded up our giant office desk into their little truck, and WOW! More space!

So the Hagerman house looks a little like a warehouse right now, with boxes and bags stacked everywhere. I take a load to the Miracle Hill donation center and think we're less "cluttered" looking, but that just makes more space to go through more cabinets and closets and such. So it's an ongoing project that may last right up until we leave. I sure hope not. It is pretty fun to come across old baby pictures or school certificates. (Did I mention that my genius husband was on the President's List throughout his college career?)
Tonight the girls watched two different versions of our wedding video. I'm trying to get all the old VHS's onto DVD's for easier storage. Quite funny. They had to keep making jokes about my hair being big. Gotta love the early 90's! As I type, Camille's baby dedication is playing in the background, and her daddy is singing her a little tune from the podium. Good times!


  1. That's GREAT! I know it must make it seem more REAL now! Congrats!!! I hope you're taking pictures as you empty your house! =)

  2. Looking forward to meeting you here in Paraguay!


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