September 1, 2008

Old Friends, New Friends, Red Friends, Blue Friends

We had a full weekend with a lot of driving, a lot of talking, a lot of visiting=a lot of FUN! The four of us + Nana (my mom) made it to Macedonia/Bonneau on Saturday afternoon for lunch (which was almost dinner, by then) with some of my side of the family. My brother, Dino, was down as well, so the girls got to play with their cousin, Bree. It was a whole bunch of fun figuring out where everyone would sleep! ;) We awoke ready to tackle a few churches on Sunday.

A couple hours drive was Smoaks COGOP (thankfully, Nana let us borrow her GPS, because Smoaks is OUT THERE!) The people were so friendly, and we always enjoy spending time with the pastor (Bro. Vaughn), and his family (Sis. Vaughn, Jason, Justin, and now Keitha!) Dawn and Francis from my Peru trip this summer were there, too. It's always good to see familiar faces in the crowd!

We sped out of there, drove through a storm, about an hour across the marshy lowlands of Charleston to Johns Island, where they were having a singing and "dinner on the ground"!!! (Remember those?!) The pastor and his wife are family, so we felt very at home there right away. We gave an abbreviated presentation (no pictures, but the girls did sing and drum, since it WAS a singing!) and were invited to slip into the back, where some of the dinner had been left out for us (Thanks, y'all!) Our pals, the Gulledges (with god-daughter in tow) came out to see us. They are such an encouragement.

We made it back to Macedonia about 5:30 and caught the dwindlings of a family reunion of sorts, getting to see most of my people. It's great to get to tell our exciting story, and especially nice to share it with family. I always kinda expect to hear horror stories or words of warning (kinda like when you're pregnant and every woman wants to tell you her horrible birthing disaster story), but instead, we get lots of "You're going to have a wonderful time," and "God will take care of you, try not to get anxious about the details," and my personal favorite, "That doesn't surprise me at all to hear that y'all are doing this!"

It's just a little more than TWO MONTHS left!!!.......

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