September 9, 2008

The Doctors Love Us!!

We decided we should get the recommended (not mandatory) Hepatitis A vaccination before our big move. I did what most parents would do and called our pediatrician to schedule this for the girls. They told me they'd rather send vaccinations to the health department. Of course, the health department told me they would prefer that children with a regular doctor get shots from their own doctor. After a few rounds of this, the pediatrician's office scheduled us. Well, sort of. They said in light of our impending move, it'd be a good idea to do a full physical for each child before the vaccinations. They put us on a waiting list and called back a few weeks later to schedule the actual appointment. That appointment was yesterday.

Mind you, the little chicks were not really pleased about getting shots, but after my lengthy discourse on what an ugly sickness Hep A could be, they shifted from their complaints into constant questions about how bad it'd hurt (you've been there moms!) Imagine their happiness when the doctor recommended that they go ahead and get a tetanus booster and meningitis vaccine for Camille while they were there. Oh, the joy on their faces.

Shots aside, Camille failed her vision exam. The exam was performed on my request, after Camille mentioned very casually last month that her right eye is ALWAYS BLURRY! I've been her mother for 11 1/2 years, and I'm just now hearing about this? So we trekked to two different optometrists next, for more exams and the "pick out your glasses" session. Turns out she has astigmatism in her right eye, and the left one has been compensating for it for a long time. I have WonderWoman superhero vision and can read both tiny fine print and road signs that are yet two miles away. So this glasses thing is new territory for us.

Same day, we had a consultation with the orthodontist, after Caroline's dentist mentioned that she may have to have a tooth pulled. One of her lower canine baby teeth fell out last year, and the permanent one has never surfaced. Now her bottom teeth have shifted into the space that should exist for the missing tooth. The choice was a)pull 4 teeth some time in her teen years and deal with the skeletal and tooth changes that this causes, or b)put braces on the bottom teeth and try to yank them back into place over the next six weeks, then put a spacer in the hole and have it removed in Paraguay, once her canine comes in. So this morning, Caroline got braces.

Between the aching arms, the painful mouth, the feeling that I should have caught these things before they got this bad, and the headspin that resulted from having to sign those checks, it's been a long couple of days. I think I need some soup myself, at this point! Or maybe chocolate. Prayers for my achy girls are appreciated.

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  1. Oh poor girls (& mama!)!! If there is a good side to all this besides being a step or so closer to the big move, I would have to say it would be that the money was there so the checks wouldn't be rubberized! =) I think if I had to face something like that this week, I would just have to cry! Bless your hearts! Camille, try not to sweat the glasses! You're beautiful! You'll get used to them! Caroline, it won't take long before your teeth feel like they're not going to fall out after all. Y'all have been thru ALOT this week already! I hope the rest of the week goes smoother! Love, Sara


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