October 4, 2008

Gotta Love a (Free) Date Night!

My friend Kelly gave me a coupon for a free haircut last night, and when I combined that with my Saskatoon's gift certificate, that made for a nice (practically) FREE date night with my man! The haircut was at the Ivy Aveda Salon downtown, and WOW! It was really nice. Started with an aroma experience--a really great-smelling head and neck massage. My stylist, Mandy, was really good with these wild curls, so you gals with the unruly curls out there, look her up!

From there, we were off to Saskatoons, where we tried alligator (good, but not quite as good as eating it on the Amazon), yak, duck, lamb, and buffalo. Then I sliced right into my finger with the big knife. Man. Talk about feeling really stupid. The table was small and filled with all our little dishes, so I thought it'd be easier to cut off a piece of bread if I picked it up, rather than used the CUTTING BOARD (they call it that for a reason, I now know). As I picked up the bread and the knife, realization of what I was doing hit Ken, and he said, "Let me do that before you cu----" Too late.

Those of you who've known me for long know that there is a reason Ken does all the cutting in our house. Something about that last time I tried to slice carrots and cut the end of my finger off. Anyway, I made a lovely cut into my left middle finger, and I could just hear all the kitchen help laughing when our server went for a band-aid. (Not really, but I could IMAGINE it, anyway!)

Oh, well, at least I resisted the urge to go sit in the ER for half a century. And since Camille just recently sliced her knuckle open on the ice skate, I conveniently still had all the supplies needed to self-treat. No, I didn't stitch it with fishing wire... ;)

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  1. Poor Christie...If I can send a care package when y'all are in Paraguay, I'll plan to send first aid supplies! =) We've never been to Saskatoons! We'll have to try that one day!


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