October 6, 2008

Conestee Church

Last night was our visit to the Conestee Church of God of Prophecy, pastored by none other than our old friend, Eddie Crocker. His lovely wife Cindy and their two adorable children are going to be our first "family mission trip" visitors to Paraguay, I keep telling them! Their church is vibrant and growing, and we felt such a great spirit there.

They were kind enough to gather around us and anoint our family in prayer, and we really appreciated that. Their children and young people took a very active part in the service, sitting on the front row, sharing some songs (with motions!!), and even playing some of the instruments. It wouldn't surprise me to have a few of them show up at the the missions training center one day.

After church, we did what all good COGOP's do, we ATE! Almost the whole church converged at the local McDonalds, which, very conveniently, had an inside playground. They're regulars there, and when the folks sitting in the playground saw us all come in, they cleared out. Quite a few small kids at the Conestee church (and they all have those little kissy cheeks!), so it was quite loud and lots of fun. We got the chance to talk with lots of the people and I was laughing so hard with one of the sisters that I choked on my milkshake. I told her we were blessed that it was a drink and not my food, since it melted its way down my throat. With my recent experiences in restaurants (ie "the bread cut"), I may be eating at home from here on out!! :)

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  1. Thanks for the kind words and we thoroughly enjoyed you visit.The church was very blessed as you ahred your vision for Paraguay. Cindy and I are going to try to Raise the money to come.Morgan would love it and so would I.The church here at Conestee wants to be a part of your ministry.
    Your Friend
    Old Pastor Eddie and Cindy Crocker[ she's not Old]


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