October 26, 2008

Seneca Church of God of Prophecy

What a wonderful visit with Pastor Hall and the Seneca congregation! Not only did they bless us with their warm welcome and gracious offering, but they took the time to anoint and pray for us, which was so appreciated.

This was a neat church to visit, because there's "history" there for us. When Ken and I first started hanging out (we weren't officially DATING yet), he took me to a fall festival their church was hosting. And the man who started all the Peru trips, which were huge stepping stones on our missions journey, is a Seneca fellow.

Lots of the people in attendance that night had either been with me or Ken on Peru trips or had been to Paraguay to work with the Miller family. So it wasn't just a "show and tell" presentation, it was like talking to people who already had a good idea of what we were feeling and responding to, in this calling to full-time missions.

Some of their church people may be visiting next year, including our good pal Rhonda. We're really hoping that works out, because Rhonda has been a part of our summers for lots of years now, and it'd be nice to keep a little bit of tradition going. (Maybe she'll bring Tiffiney along, too!) Thanks, Seneca!!!


  1. Maybe I'll come and bring Rhonda with me! ha! I remember anytime I would go on a trip the church would always anoint and pray for me too...that meant more than anything else they ever did. They would also send anointed prayer cloths. Amazing love... that Seneca church! ;) thanks for sharing time with us. Your words spoke to my heart more than you will ever know. You came for me to hear from God. Thank you!


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