October 25, 2008

Going Away Party: Macedonia

Boy, if I'd realized we'd get so many parties, we might have made an excuse to leave a long time ago!! It's quite fun to have folks gather around to visit, with tables full of party food. Well, keep in mind that this is Macedonia, and party food is a bit different there. It's more like rice and lima beans, beef roast, banana pudding, cakes, and lots of macaroni. We don't gather without a heaping helping of macaroni and cheese. It's like the unspoken rule. I love it!

The ladies (and gents, I'm sure) went to a ton of trouble to cook up a mess of fixins so we could eat and fellowship, and we got to tell the story of what we'll be doing in Paraguay (I just love to tell that story!!!)

We got some wonderful boosts both financially and mentally this weekend. I got to catch up on the latest close and extended-family happenings. My cousin has these four really cool kids, and she had them make foam craft bookmarks for us, with paper glued to the back. On the paper, they had written their address and a note for each of us. The one that got me was Caroline's, on which BJ had written, "Don't worry. Jesus moved a lot, too," in the cutest little-kid handwriting. When I stopped laughing through tears, his grandmother told me that was his second try. The first one simply read, "My mom said I had to make this." Priceless!

My girls jumped on the chance to spend the night with my Granny and Aunt Donna. I used to love to do the same thing when I was their age, so I could hardly say no when they started begging to go, even though the weather was horrible and I hadn't brought them an overnight bag. I always loved to spend the night at Granny's and would actually walk around with one of Grandad's t-shirts on, one of my arms in the shirt sleeve and the other coming out the neckhole. Why he let me stretch and ruin so many t-shirts I don't know. Anyway, I thought I looked like the picture in my children's Bible, so I'd go around making everyone call me "Adam." I guess Granny and Grandad had no Eve-wear, or she wasn't as cool looking as Adam with his slung-on animal skin. Good times.

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