October 28, 2008

To-Do List for Tomorrow

1. Write out thank-you notes from recent visits/parties
2. Take a truckload or two to the thrift store donation center
3. File our Power of Attorney paperwork at the County Offices
4. Go by the repair shop and pick up the car's license plate
5. Turn in license plates to DMV, and cancel car insurance
6. Apply for a lost truck title at the DMV
7. Organize all paperwork necessary for filing our taxes
8. Find out who bought our eBay item
9. Plan a meal for the (possible) renters who are coming Thursday
10. Make copies of our wills
11. Put in a few hours of homeschooling
12. Eat enough to take the antibiotics for this root canal... ugh.
13. Make a Wal-Mart run for all those last-minute travel items
14. Touch-up paint around the house
15. Get tent down from the attic so Ken's sister can try to sell it
16. Try to pack at least one more suitcase, seeing how many books I can fit in it
17. Go to house insurance agent's office and change over to a rental policy
18. Call in prescription refills and pick them up for Camille
19. Finish transferring home movies to DVD and get them mailed out to family
20. Make it to church on time tomorrow night
21. Remind myself that there's barely more than a week left now... Paraguay, we're getting closer!

Yee haw!


  1. wouldn't you get more done if you didn't make a list here of what you had to do?

  2. Haha! Spoken like a man! We list-making folks HAVE to do that, or the ferrets running around in our heads keep us from remembering what we should be doing...

  3. I really admire you guys it takes alot to pick up and go that far ,isn't it amazing how long it's been Christie remember running from my dog after he broke the chain .We grew up together and now we are are older and have our own kids making their memories,and Ken you were my counselor my first camp year. You guys are great people .Jesus said go and teach Way to go Hagermans .

  4. Hi christie! How well I remember those last few weeks before leaving. Enjoy every minute you get with your family and friends, as that is what you will miss the most. Let us know how it is going.

  5. I second the list making!! So did you get it all done?? Is it completely overwhelming to know you will only be "here" one more day??!! I hope you have time to blog "one more time" before you go! Just know in case this is the last communication with you for awhile that we are praying for you daily & look forward to hearing from you AND coming for a "visit" next year! Try to take a deep breath & enjoy the ride! You're flying on Angels Wings in your work for the Lord! We love y'all!


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