October 31, 2008

Una Despedida

This Hispanic congregation of our local church (officially known as Centro Familiar De Adoracion Iglesia de Dios de la Profecia) hosted a wonderful going-away service ("despedida") for us this past Wednesday night.

Pastor Cediel, whose family has been very special to ours, read to us from Romans 10 ("How beautiful are the feet of those that bring good news...") Then special guest Ernesto Barbagallo spoke from Hebrews 11, about how we would need to be ready to withstand what comes our way. Ernesto is a missionary to Colombia, from his home country of Argentina. Next, different ones took turns telling about special memories with us, or their first impressions of us, or whatever came to mind. This was completely unexpected and very sweet. I was totally unprepared for this and didn't even have Kleenex ready!!

The Pastor then presented us with symbolic gifts. He gave Ken a Spanish Bible for our family, and told how we had previously ministered using God's Word in English, but that now we would be reaching out in Spanish and in Guarani. He gave us a flag of Paraguay, explaining that once we land there, we are no longer ministering to people of America who operate as a part of American society. He said that as we accepted the new flag, we were accepting the call to minister to this new nation of people. He gave each of the girls a tambourine, pointing out that they would be a vital part of our ministry, and that they were to bless the Lord and the people with their spirit of worship and friendship. He gave us a wall hanging of Psalm 91, reminding us that the church here would be praying for our protection and provision, as outlined in that chapter. He gave Ken a bag of coffee and me a box of caramel dulces (they know all about my sweet tooth!) Then we all sang my favorite song, "Todopoderoso" and they prayed for us. Afterward, we enjoyed that wonderful Colombian bread with the cheese in the center, and some raisin cake, corn muffins, and fruit cider. What a wonderful time with our hermanos y amigos!!


  1. Sweeeet! You know you'll be missed!

  2. Parece que disfrutaron muchisimo su tiempo en la iglesia. Me gusta mucho los regalos que te dieron, y se que estaras una bendicion grande en Paraguay.

  3. Wow, guys- not any time left at all. That sounds like a great despedida. We are praying!!

  4. Tomorrow is the big day... I just want you all to know that you're leaving with lots of prayers following you. Have a safe and happy journey!

    Robert and Leigh Woerner


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