October 20, 2008

Ware Shoals COGOP

We visited this weekend with the Ware Shoals Church of God of Prophecy, Pastor Mark Lowe (I always want to call him Mark HALL, but he actually married Christy Hall, with whom Ken and I went to summer camp for years.) We enjoyed sharing our presentation with them, and they made us feel right at home. For those who aren't familiar with Ware Shoals, it's near Possum Kingdom and the Cheddar Community (I'm not kidding....)

Camille and Caroline had been looking forward to this church for weeks, as their buddy, Nathan, from camp this past summer, is the Pastor's son. So they got to chat with him at church and at Westgate Pizza (yum, yum!) afterward.

Nathan is very musically talented (although he chickened out of playing a song and singing for us). I think it's a family tradition over there. His great-grandmother shared with me a notebook full of songs she's written over the years. She even sang a catchy little love song she'd written about Jesus, so I'd get the tune.

We were pleasantly surprised to find out that our old Batesburg buddies, Gary and Betty Powell are part of that congregation. Our camp pals will be jealous when they hear, as anyone who's ever been to Camp Agape comes to love Gary Powell. We met his sister and her family, also, and really enjoyed the time we spent with God's people in Ware Shoals.

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  1. Its nathan lowe here i really liked the picture and thanks dor putting me on there. I will miss you dearly and see you ing a couple years.

    Marcus N. Lowe


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