October 21, 2008

21 Questions

21 questions I've asked in the last 36 hours: (Thankfully, I have asked these questions to a bunch of different people, and not just my poor husband!!)

1. How many people have called to ask about our car for sale? Did any sound serious? Oh! What time is he coming?
(And then, a few hours before he was scheduled to come:)
2. Why can't I get the car to go in reverse? Is there supposed to be water spewing from that hose?
3. Is the car's temperature gauge supposed to be so close to the red zone?
4. How long does it have to cool before I can pour water in there?
5. Which jumper cables do you want?
6. Why DO cars have computer chips, and why do they put them where water leaks can get to them?
7. Are you sure it's the same tooth that's causing the pain, because I JUST had a root canal in that one.
8. Can you drill through my crown to work on that tooth?
9. Am I going to have to pay for a second root canal?
10. Have you girls done ANY school work?
11. How much more can we fit in the storage box?
12. Would you mind fixing me a sandwich so I can take this antibiotic?
13. What do you mean you can't find my paperwork?
14. How do you prefer that we file our taxes this year and next?
15. Do these shoes come in wide width?
16. When will the car be fixed?
17. Would you mind typing up another letter to Verizon on church letterhead since they don't believe we're moving to South America?
18. Can we trade out a suitcase of clothes for another one full of books?
19. Do you think we could have a yard sale while we're in Macedonia this weekend?
20. Did you girls finish the thank-you cards?
21. How many more days till we leave?
(Don't click for more, as this is all, but do click to leave a comment, because I hardly get ANY COMMENTS and I'm getting a complex over whether REAL people are reading this or if my husband goes to some library computer and keeps clicking our homepage so I'll think the counter is accurately reflecting a large reading audience. So comment already...)


  1. We're reading (& praying)!!!!!!!!
    I'm sorry you're having trouble with your tooth. I don't understand how or why a root canal could be redone unless there was some root left. I despise going to the dentist myself...I NEED to go BAD myself.
    Try not to stress over the girls' school...you'll get it caught up. They will get more education just by going to Paraguay than any schooled child ever!
    Sooo is the car fixed/or sold yet??? =)

  2. LOL! Welcome to my world of A.D.D.! I'm nothing but ?'s 24/7 but it's usually the same ones b/c I can't remember the answers from the first time around! hee,hee

  3. My next question would be "You're going to pull this tooth when?" Yank it and be done! Been there, done that and have the hole to prove it!


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