November 22, 2008

A Full Day

Today was a fun day. We visited one of the sisters from church who had surgery this past week. We had a wonderful time hanging out in her home, which is part of her husband’s screen printing business. Then we went for groceries at the local store. Thank God for Saul, the evangelist who lives at the camp, just across the pond from us. He helped me maneuver through the aisles finding the equivalent of what I’m used to (not an easy task) and ask the men at the butcher’s area for the meat I wanted. He laughs at me often, saying I am very economical (I think he means cheap, but he’s trying to be polite) and a little crazy.

So we bought a few bags of milk, a few bags of yogurt, a chunk of meat, and a few odds and ends, when I remembered that ice cream is a good staple to carry in the freezer.... Really, it’s one of those must-haves, like sugar and flour and eggs, in weather such as this. They don’t have any big frozen food section, though, so I’m thinking this isn’t a possibility. There are street vendors pushing carts of individual servings, but I’m talking about the big bucket of Neapolitan (or Napoleon, as we grew up saying) that Bi-Lo runs a good sale on. So I do sign language for a bucket and ask Saul if there’s ice cream in “one of these” somewhere. To my excitement, he says, “O no problema!” The words I wanted to hear. He leads us through a million cobblestone streets to this man’s home, wherein resides a large churn, spinning away on a bucket of homemade strawberry ice cream. JOY! Not only did the girls get to see how it’s made, but I was able to buy some to bring home. At the same home, we saw a weaving loom, where the lady of the house makes hammocks and table cloths. Pretty neat!

We got back to the house to find out that Saul’s cat was birthing kittens, five little dark gray or black ones. It was the first time my girls had seen a live birth sort of thing, complete with “breaking the water” and the first nursing. Neato. Once all was settled and the girls were in bed, we watched the movie, End of the Spear. I had another realization that though it may seem like we’re roughing it to some folks, we are living in paradise compared to the sacrifice those families made to get the gospel to the Waodoni tribe. It was Saul’s first time watching this movie, although he’d heard some of the Jim Elliot story. I am quite sure he was trying not to cry, poor fella. We Americans put him through the ringer today.

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  1. New kittens! Don't tell Shaun, but maybe one could be at our house when we get there. I like the security against rats and snakes, not to mention how cute and cuddly they are.


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