November 21, 2008

The Internet Is HERE!!

HALLELUJAH!!! Who knew we’d become so attached to the internet? We weren’t really able to contact anyone for a little while after arriving, and then only very infrequently. Finally, we have acquired an internet connection. I can’t promise how often we’ll be skyping, since it’s one of those type that only allows so much sending and receiving per month. ANYWAY!!! The girls were able to talk to their Meemaw and Papaw and see their faces, so all are happy here.
They have also gotten a pet parrot, affectionately named Chico. There’s some disagreement as to whether or not he’ll grow up to talk, but either way, they adore him and it’s easing the sadness from leaving our boxer, Levi, behind. (If his new owner is reading this, we’d love to know how he’s doing!)
Today is particularly hot. It seems the heat builds and then a rain comes, so I hope it doesn’t build much more before some precipitation. The rain is very welcome, as it brings with it a small drop in temperature. At this point, ANY drop in temperature is a beautiful thing!!

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  1. Sa-weeeeet!!! Yay!! NOW we can see more of where you are (when you have 'free-time' to post pics LOL)! The girls look great & Chico is cute! Have fun with him! Can't wait to see & "hear" more!!


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