December 10, 2008

Festival En Comunidad

This past Saturday night we attended a festival in the town closest to us, Carapegua. Almost every town in Paraguay (and Peru, from my experience) has a square park in the center of the town, facing the Catholic church. The parks are pretty large, at least a city block, with benches and trees and sidewalks, and always a food/ice cream vendor or two.

This weekend, the street in front of the cathedral was closed for the event, and the front of the church was the actual stage. The festival itself was a joint venture between the Catholic church and the Evangelical churches of Carapegua and surrounding communities. They declared together, through videos, speakers, songs, and dance, that God has a plan for each person living here, and that plan does not include wasting life on alcohol (very common problem) or other traps of the enemy.

The praise and worship band was really talented and Spirit-led, and the traditional songs and dances were very interesting. We enjoyed being together with other believers, and definitely were glad this took place after the sun had gone down. In true South American style, the music and speaking was loud enough to be heard for miles and miles. That's one way to get the gospel out there! :)


  1. Oh neat! I hope y'all had a great time!!

  2. omg that looks awesome!!!!! I am noticing a trend in the plastic chair thing :) But anyway, i am horribly envious! I miss yall!


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