December 12, 2008


Today we met a couple young people who are stationed here through the Peace Corps until next May. They were in the same Burger King as us and asked if we wanted to eat with them. Never one to miss meeting new people, I drilled them with a million questions about the Peace Corps. The guy was from Philly and the young lady, from Minnesota, and they met here in Paraguay. They got married but chose to each remain in the towns they committed to for now. (That's dedication, eh?) Both are working in health education and told us some neat stories about going into the local schools. I thought it'd be nice, on that note, to share the pictures of our visits to the school down the road from us, where several of the children from the home next-door are students.

We were invited to drop by, so we did just that. The kids knew we were planning to come, so round about 6:00 AM they were knocking on our front door to see if we wanted to walk with them. I politely declined in favor of a later visit. We walked down the dusty dirt road for about half an hour before coming to the neat little school yard. The children had seen us coming and told their teachers, so by the time we walked up, they were pulling chairs under the mango tree for us, and getting the terere ready.

And what do you think the students did while we chatted? You guessed it...they played soccer!

One of the teachers invited me to return for the equivalent of kindergarten graduation later that afternoon. What fun! I sat in a tiny school desk in the back yard, next to a young mom who told me that the clothes her baby was wearing were given to her from a visiting mission team (Am I that obvious?!). Here are a couple of "our kids" from next-door, receiving their certificates.
Aren't they just the cutest?!


  1. It amazes me to think of all those school activities being outside when we're just recovering from an ice storm! :D

  2. Sweet!!! Just wanted to let you know we're still "here", reading, praying, just haven't been able to post that much. Can't wait to get another email from ya when you get a chance! Love y'all!


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