December 26, 2008

Miracles (Milagros)

There's a really sweet lady that lives a few houses back from the campground, who comes several days per week to help cook and clean the children's home next door. She is a single mother to 7 kids in a tiny one-room house, and she works very hard to provide for them. She is also a sweet Christian woman who attends our church. Her youngest daughter, RosaCatalina, was diagnosed with diabetes years ago. She has been taking insulin shots twice a day for as long as the little 8-year-old can remember. Very recently, she was told that she has leukemia and would begin treatments December 18.

About a month ago, RosaCatalina came forward for prayer, her mother declaring that she believed the child could be healed. She told of how brittle her daughter's health is, with her sugar levels being very unstable and needing constant monitoring. It was not uncommon for the child to be in bed more than out of bed. Several testified of miracles in their own lives before we prayed for little Rosa that morning.

Just this past week, RosaCatalina and her mom went into the city for a check-up. Not only did the doctors find that she would not be needing treatments for leukemia, but her sugar level was in the normal range. They waited until lunch and did another test, to be sure they were right. Once again, she was normal. They are now having her only take one injection per day, and return later for a re-check. As you can imagine, this teary mother is telling everyone she knows of God's healing power!

Beside Ken is our friend Milciades (Meal see AH days), who is on the construction crew for the girls' dorms. He shared with us that he had several head injuries as a child, from windows falling on him, to boards from the ceiling, to falling out of trees, to whatever. Once, the injury was so severe that he was blind for several minutes as a result. He didn't seek medical care for any of these injuries, and he has the scars and lumps to prove it!

He has trouble seeing for any sort of distance and is bothered by consistent headaches, as you can imagine. He visited a doctor recently who told him there could be blood in places it shouldn't be, inside his head (that loses something in translation, but you get the picture). He is supposed to go have a scan done but has been a little nervous of what they'll find, so he's putting it off.

He is gifted in a lot of ways and it's obvious to see the hand of God in his life, after only talking to him for a short time. Please help us pray that he will turn to God through all this, and that God uses this opportunity to heal Milciades and draw him to a strong relationship with Jesus.

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  1. What a wonderful example of how God still works his miracles! PTL!


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