December 27, 2008

Crimes of Passion

The mangoes are ripening now. That didn't matter to the kids next door, as they've been eating them green and hard for weeks now, despite the protests of all us adults, and their lingering stomach aches afterwards. My kids love them, my husband keeps making juice, but I can't quite get into them. I like the flavor (even though in juice they're a little "thick") but I can't get used to the stringy fibers inside. One of the trees here has a different cross-bred mango, bigger and less fibrous. It does make a better juice I think. They call mangoes "poor man's food" here because when folks run out of money for groceries, they can just walk along the road and pick mangoes. How convenient it is to have fruit in massive quantities growing in our YARD!

The mburucuya are also ripe. I think this is the equivalent of passion fruit. You cut it right in half, scoop out the gelatin-covered seeds, and blend them with some water... VOILA! Instant paradise! Blend some ice and sip it in the hammock, and you'd swear you're in Hawaii. It's reputed to lower blood pressure, although I hope not. Mine generally runs too low anyway (hence all the swooning and spinning), and I'm drinking this stuff like our SUV drinks diesel. Phwew! It sure is refreshing, though, in a tart-sweet fruity sort of way.


  1. I am a native Paraguayan and you know what? I have never tasted the Mburucuya! (blushes) :) But you make it sound so delicious, that I want to give it a try!
    But I agree with you on the mango's. They are too stringy for me too, so I usually just buy the bigger kind.

    Blessings for the New Year!!

  2. I can eat mangos, but their juice is just too sweet for me. But I love passion fruit juice!

  3. WOW! Sounds great. To be there with you guys....what a thought. Can't wait to come in July. Luv to all.....praying for a blessed New Year.

  4. Sounds great! I don't like OJ with alot of pulp so I'm sure I wouldn't care for the fibers either. I'd be willing to strain it though & see if that helped. Maybe some "cheesecloth" would catch the fibers & still be able to enjoy the juice. =)

  5. Oh, yeah! The strainer is my new best friend when it comes to juicing. I know they say the pulp is healthier than the juice, but I just can't do it. I save it for Ken and the kids, who put it in the fridge and eat it. BLAH.

  6. I love mangos and mburucuya, which we call 'parchita' in Venezuela.
    In a pinch, you can make a descent mock apple pie with green mangos.
    In Venezuela it was common to eat them green with salt.

  7. I've had an old gummy imported mango from the nearby Maine grocery. But the good fruits are always local grown. My yard is just bursting with wild raspberries and strawberries and I have 6 high bush blueberry bushes too.

    I'd love to go way south and try those tropical fruits. They sound so YUMMY!

  8. Mburucuya is THE BEST! I could drink that juice everyday for the rest of my life and never get tired of it. I must say I'm a bit jealous of your easy access to them :-)


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