December 29, 2008

Monday Funday

The first camp of 2009 will start this Friday, for ages 5-11. The list of things to do in preparation is long, and today's rain has halted progress. HOWEVER, the rain did drop the temperature from 112 to 80, so you won't hear me complain. The girls have taken to wearing a jacket if we get anywhere below 85. Becoming locals! We're piling in as much schoolwork as possible this morning, knowing that the next few days will be jam-packed with work around the campground.

We've decided to send the girls to this camp. They are excited but a little nervous. They'll still come back here to sleep, but they'll be spending Friday, Saturday, and half of Sunday with a group of about 50 fellow campers from the different Churches of God of Prophecy here in Paraguay. Thankfully, some of the girls from nextdoor will be there, too, so Camille and Caroline won't be totally in the dark. They're both doing so well at picking up the language. They hardly ever come grab me for translation help now, and they've been teaching English words in trade for the Spanish/Guarani ones they're learning. (Don't click below...this is a short one!)


  1. Your girls are SO sweet, I am sure they will do great. I am happy they get to go home to sleep though, that will take a little pressure off.

  2. it rained there! I am jealous. i haven;t checked the forecast but it is still hot and muggy. i'll be praying for your girls at camp. we will have to get together next time we are in Asuncion. i don;t know when that will be. Do we have your phone number? What home school curic. do you use? maybe that is a loaded question for a blog.

  3. hey chic. glad to hear all are adjusting well. i knew the girls would jump in with both feet...of course...both of you too! we make it a daily thing now to read your glad you are able to update them so frequently. you guys are in our prayers. {huggs} to all....luv ya.

  4. It will be exciting and scary for them but they are both little troopers! The rain is indeed a blessing!


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