December 17, 2008

So there was this priest, ...

While I was at my "clandestine meeting" yesterday, Ken and the girls took some time to drive around town exploring. They tried out some new roads and wove their way in and out of some neighborhoods, basically looking for anything interesting (which is at every corner!) They passed a man walking--not just any man, mind you, but a Catholic priest in his full robe and overcoat (I'm sure they have specific names, but the big heavy draping cloak covering the big heavy draping robe). It was round about 100 degrees or so, as always, and this poor fella was carrying three suitcases. They passed by him in the truck, noticed his predicament, and determined that he looked about 2 seconds away from a heart attack/heat stroke.

So Ken whips a U-turn, they offer this grateful priest a ride, and so began a long conversation for the remaining 15 blocks to this man's home. He explained that he had missed his bus by only one minute, and proceeded to point out the high points on the tour of his barrio. When he got ready to get out, Ken said to him what we say to everyone when parting ways, "God bless you." The priest burst into laughter, and when he composed himself enough to speak, he said, "YOU aren't supposed to say that, I say that!" He then proceeded to recite the blessing over Ken and the family, through his giggling, and laughed all the way to the front door of his house.


  1. Lol! cute. Paraguayans are so interesting and funny aren't they?


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