December 17, 2008

Clandestine Meeting

"Beware of internet relationships!!!" Yesterday, I left my family to run away and meet some people I've been talking with (rather obsessively, at times) on the internet. It was in a secluded neighborhood, behind a gated entry, in a private dining area. Quite clandestine, huh? Okay, it was a ladies' group--missionary women, no less, but it all sounds very mysterious, doesn't it?!

Way back in the "where are we going, Lord?" phase of hearing our call, I started googling (yes, that's a verb now) missionary wives in South America and found all these blogs. Not only didthey help me prepare mentally for what sorts of things I'd be facing here, they helped me prepare my kids, my husband, my suitcases, my finances, and the list goes on. They had so many pointers about real life, South American-style, that I couldn't help but glean some of their wisdom and apply it to our move here.

Meeting them in person was really fun. I told them I felt like I was invited to some celebrity party, since they'd been like characters from the tabloids to me, or off some tv show. But they REALLY DO EXIST, and they're just as nice and strong as you'd think from their interesting blogs. They were such an encouragement to me. They have miles and miles and years and years of missionary heritage, and this is all new for our family, so I just sat there and soaked in what I could.

Thank you, Ladies, for giving me a boost on this journey, and for proving that internet relationships CAN work out. :)


  1. Clandestine indeed! I heard there was even some trading of "goods" at this meeting. :-)

  2. Thank you for joining us! It was great to get to know you!

  3. I agree it was great getting to know you! But I have to correct you. I am not a missionary wife. Just the regular housewife/working mom who happens to live in Paraguay!
    I sure hope we can repeat this at least once a year!

  4. It was so fun and we have to get together again!
    I'm new here myself but anything I might be able to help with, please email me.


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