January 20, 2009

Fish Stories

Ken decided he needed a little break from his ailing whiny wife (she WAS sick, mind you, but recovering at that point). He had served his time in Illness World both as patient and as nurse, so the great outdoors were calling to him. He rigged up a fishing contraption using a reel he'd brought from home, the rod that got broken somewhere on the trip over, some sponges from his daughter's craft kit for a bobber, and some plastic beads for weights.

He added some corn to his hook and set off to catch the big one. After a long time in the baking sun, he called to his wife and children. "If you can make it out here, you have to see my first fish!" The excited girls ran off immediately, the weary wife tagged along behind, with camera in hand. If you click below, you'll see the dramatic end to this unbelievable, yet true, fisherman's tale.
If you look really hard, you'll see the tiny minnow in the palm of the great fisherman's hand. Quite a catch!
PS--He did go on to catch a couple legitimate-sized catfish, or at least something LIKE a catfish. The locals were quite impressed with his first catch, however, and the skill required to reel a big one like that in. They always get a kick out of the crazy American. :)


  1. hahah he actually caught that on a hook??!

  2. Good one! You must save that picture to show your grandchildren one day!

  3. Way to go, Ken!!! Glad y'all are recuperating!!

  4. hey ken, like the heart shaped float. you should probably be careful, the locals are going to beat you up. i do like the fish though, thats the size i catch.. did you eat the 'catfish' ?


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