January 19, 2009

Paraguayan Youth Camp '09

This past Thursday through Sunday, more than 200 campers and staff gathered here at Camp Tierra Prometida (Promised Land) for Campamento de Jovenes '09. The youth came from all over Paraguay, some travelling over 10 hours on a bus (not Greyhound, but what we'd call a school bus!) each way.

Ken and I weren't well enough to be there as much as we'd like, but outside our window we could hear the games, the praise and worship music, the singing, the shouting--WONDERFUL! Ken was well enough to teach his class each morning, and MY class the first morning, before they found a substitute to finish out for me. The theme of the camp was "Knowing God," so Ken taught about having a relationship with Him.

The first day, he told how a relationship with God can be compared to being in love. The thrill of spending time together, the anticipation of that time, the sharing of EVERYTHING, the joy of just being in each other's presence. He challenged the students to fall in love with the Lord all over again. The second day, he taught practical skills for enjoying God's love letters to us, his beloved. Several commented that this was the first time they'd been taught HOW to study the Bible and were glad for the practical direction in that area. He also taught about communication in the relationship (prayer and meditation). The third day was about having a heart dedicated to the One you love, making time for Him and not crowding Him out with other desires.

We went to the Saturday night service and were blessed by the enthusiastic praise, the sincere worship, the attentiveness during the sermon, and the response in the altar. Truly these young people have a heart for knowing God.

Sunday, when they were packing up and leaving, it rained most of the day. Several "school buses" made the 2 mile trip down the dirt road to the campground, with only one bogging down in the mud. It was great to see the young people refreshed in the Lord, and to know what it must mean to many of them to be around other Christian youth. I thank the Lord we were able to be there for part of this camp, and we're looking forward to youth camp in Argentina this upcoming weekend.

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  1. I am humbled by what yall are doing. It so amazing to hear of children and adults getting saved and worshipping our good father up above. God has given yall such a great gift. May God bless you all and what you are doing.


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