January 14, 2009

Hail, Cookies, and a Virus

It's been a wild couple of days! I haven't been able to get online for a while because we've had massive storms move through, as evidenced by this hail (just a little smaller than a baseball). We didn't sustain any permanent damage, other than the poor chicken who took a fatal one to the head beside our house, and some dents on our tin roof. During one night without electricity, the winds were so strong that I thought the roof would come off. I remembered the stories I'd been told of this same house losing its roof several times in bad storms. I wondered if I should go bag up our books and papers, or keep the girls in the same room as us. I kept an ear out for the tell-tale sound of a "train" that I learned in Hurricane Hugo, every time a tornado came through. But I thank the Lord for His Word, which is alive and brings comfort--I kept reminding myself of Psalm 4:8 ("...For You alone, O LORD, make me to dwell in safety.") I rested well in the cool breezes that came with the thunder, lightening, wind, and rain. The storms cooled things off yesterday, but the heat is back today with a humid vengeance.

We had some business to do in the city yesterday, so I took the opportunity to follow up on a lead from a friend of a friend (thanks, Brenda!) who thought she'd found chocolate chips!!! Imagine my anticipation! We finally found the store, and lo and behold, they DID have them! I was visibly excited, which puzzled the lady at the checkout. The clerk asked if I'd be using them to bake pan dulce, which is the South American version of fruitcake. When I told her they were for cookies, she was confused, thinking I was confused, and kindly told me those were for pan dulce only. I smiled and made away with my goods.

Okay, so they don't taste exactly like my normal chocolate chip cookies, but who cares? I think the difference is either in the fact that they're mild chocolate rather than semi-sweet, or in the flour. I've never baked with plain flour (the non-self-rising variety), and that's all I can find here. I did add the baking soda and salt, but it's just different somehow. Quite edible, though, and the Hagerman house is happy for that. All except for Ken, who is taking his turn with the stomach virus. As I type, he's fighting a fever and trying to sleep off the effects of a night spent befriending the blap bucket. Your prayers for him are appreciated, and also that I will continue to be immune to this virus. Someone has to be the caretaker, after all! With camp coming up this weekend here (we're both scheduled to teach each day) immediately followed by a long bus ride to Argentina for camp, there's no time for me to waste vomiting!!


  1. So glad you found chocolate chips! It's such a treat to find things that we are used to cooking with though I know what you mean about it never tasting exactly the same! :)
    I hope your hubby gets well soon!

  2. The cookies look good! I´m glad you found the ch. chips.
    Hope hubby is recovering!

  3. Those look great! I am so glad that you found them, now I will have to go and scout them out.

  4. glad you found such a treat! I have a chocolate chip recipe that works very well here. Would you like for me to send it to you? I can even give you the specific brand names.

  5. Sorry about Ken. WOW, you get all the excitement out there in the boonies! No hail here.

  6. Enjoy those cookies and don't let your husband cough on you! Will be praying for you both as you get ready for the weekend. Am looking forward to hearing about the camp.

  7. Lousie said tell you she prayed for you to get to have ch chip cookies, so did the rest of us .We are praying for you and Ken and my little dolls.Love Meemaw

  8. Hope Ken is feeling better soon!! Great you found some choc chips!! Enjoy! We're so glad y'all are safe from the storms. (Poor chicken)...=)


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