January 16, 2009

We're Alive...

This will be a quick post just so you all know we haven't fallen off the earth. Ken has recovered enough strength to teach the class this morning at camp (his AND mine, thanks Ken!) I didn't get as sick as he was (I refused to vomit) but took my dose of this virus anyway. I am trying to start eating again today, in an effort to get up enough strength to teach my class tomorrow morning.

Yesterday while I lay on the couch all day, we were attacked by bugs. The locals say it has something to do with the amount of rain we got over the past few days. I don't know what the reason, but it was like a bad movie, or some sort of nightmare. I lay there, unable to move much, except occasionally shifting my weight to keep my muscles from aching so much. And I watched big giant ants falling through the cracks in the roof. I watched flying ants come in through the screens and under the doors. I watched some other sort of flying creatures coming in from Lord-only-knows-where, trapsing all over my floor and rug like they owned the place. Torture. Ken was sleeping off his aches in the bedroom, the girls were away, trying to help get the camp beds ready, and I couldn't get up and squish these unwelcome invaders. Once the girls got back, I had them stomp everything they could find, and Ken sprayed stuff in the ceiling. It seems better today. I actually thought I was hallucinating a few times, but the critters were real, and really uncool.


  1. You are sure its a virus and not dengue? Take care of yourself and let us know if we can do anything.

  2. Yikes! Sorry you are sick and dealing with a bug infestation too! No fun! I'll be thinking of you today! Shilo

  3. Oh yuck!! Too bad you couldn't make a tent over the couch with netting! I probably would dream for days that I had bugs crawling on me! Glad y'all are feeling better!! After all you all have been exposed to, you should be good to go now!! =)

  4. it sounds a LOT like dengue. Be careful and do not take any aspirin products. Do you have a high fever and head ache as well?


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