January 4, 2009

Kids Camp Paraguay '09

Paraguay's summer camp for children was a huge success this past weekend. I know this because outside my windows for the past few days was the non-stop sound of laughter, music, and singing. Caroline never did get enough strength to venture over there, unfortunately, but Camille has had the time of her life. I'm so proud of her. She has caught onto the language and communicates so well, without need of a translator. If she doesn't understand something, she just asks for clarification until she figures it out. She amazes me, spending hours at a time with her friends who don't speak a word of English, chattering away in a new tongue.

When she "stopped by" for lunch this afternoon, she told me she'd been voted queen of camp. So I grabbed up my camera and followed her back for the photo opportunity, like any good mom would do. For the closing ceremonies, she was asked to sing a duet with her friend, Patty. They both sang in Spanish, and then Camille sang in English. Aww. Makes a Momma proud, that girl. Click below for the pictures...


  1. I´m glad they had such a good time. Doesn´t it feel good, when the kids are having fun?
    She looks happy!

  2. yeah for Camille. Is that girl wearing a Clemson shirt? hehe! I hope Caroline is able to bounce back soon. Love to all.

  3. Praise God! Jan 7-9th a few our our youth are headed to camp. i'm excited to hear their stories.

  4. So great to hear camp was successful! Way to Go, Camille!!


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